Probate & Trust Litigation

A Different Approach

Our focus on real estate and business matters often leads us to advise or represent clients in disputes involving wills, trusts, and estates. We recognize that probate and trust disputes require a different, more personal approach than typical litigation. Aggressive, scorched earth litigation tactics have no place in probate and trust proceedings. We understand that. We are experienced and adept at handling these specific types of disputes, including will contests, contested guardianships and conservatorships, breach of fiduciary duty claims, fraud investigations, and elder abuse and financial exploitation. We understand that these types of issues often involve disputes among family members or otherwise are highly emotional. We are mindful of these concerns, and work with our clients to provide them straight answers and options that give them both peace of mind and a solution to the problems they face.

Advice and Advocacy

We do not draft wills or estate plans, we are not estate planning attorneys; what we do is help clients work through probate and contested estate issues that many estate planning attorneys do not handle. Not all probate and trust lawyers are experienced or knowledgeable at handling contested proceedings or highly complex disputes involving real estate and business issues. At O & B, we have the experience necessary to navigate these matters and represent our clients in such proceedings.

We also routinely advise professionals and family members serving in a fiduciary role, such as trustee, guardian or conservator.