Oil & Gas Law

Oil and gas law issues and related mineral rights issues permeate the landscape of real estate and business in Northern Colorado. The attorneys at Otis & Bedingfield, LLC are experienced at handling oil and gas and other mineral issues in all types of transactions.  We can also help if a dispute arises over mineral rights or land use.

Oil and Gas Law

Practical Advice from Experienced Negotiators

Negotiating an oil and gas lease is a very involved process that implicates a variety of issues.  Not all leases are created equal.  Whether you are an exploration company obtaining leases or a mineral owner offered a lease, having experienced counsel assist you in preparing the lease is essential.

The oil and gas attorneys at O & B can also assist in preparation or review of the numerous other documents that often arise in oil and gas development, including surface use agreements, easement agreements, drilling agreements, operating agreements, and pooling agreements.  O & B can also assist in obtaining or interpreting division orders and forced pooling orders.

Hazardous Waste and Pollution

The environmental lawyers at O & B can also assist in navigating the regulations set out by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regarding waste and pollution in oil and gas operations.

Oil and Gas Litigation

There are often a large number of parties who may have an interest in the royalty rights of a particular well. These may include landowners, leaseholders, other companies or key personnel, heirs and more.  Often these disputes require intervention by a mediator or the court to resolve.  The oil and gas attorneys at O & B have significant experience handling these disputes. Whether you need a simple determination of heirship, or a quiet title action has been or needs to be filed to resolve ownership disputes, O & B can help.  We also handle disputes over the payment of royalties and the use of the surface, including reasonable accommodation doctrine disputes.  We also routinely assist oil and gas companies in obtaining easements or, when necessary, condemning land necessary for their operations.  

Planning for the Future

When you are receiving royalties or have a business providing services to the oil or gas field, you own a significant asset that should be taking into account when preparing your estate plan or business succession plan.  The estate planning attorneys at O & B have significant experience providing insightful and practical advice for how to insure your minerals or related assets are passed on to the next generation.  O &B’s real estate lawyers can also help prepare the necessary deeds and other related documents to insure your minerals are conveyed or obtained properly.  

Colorado Oil and Gas Law