Estate Planning

Our business and real estate practices combine to build a unique base that provides an advantage in working with our clients to understand each of their unique circumstances and needs.  The basics of our estate planning practice encompass the drafting of wills and trust documents, enhancing asset protection, and planning for special needs of a spouse, child or grandchild, as well as the tax planning required to develop a comprehensive estate plan. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients in order to match their practical needs and desires with the appropriate estate planning tools. Ultimately, by customizing each estate plan we obtain the most effective tax savings.

The more complex area of this practice involves the use of family limited partnerships, various types of irrevocable trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, revocable trusts and powers of attorney.  The attorneys at O & B can also help you administer the estate after death.

While working with clients to plan their estates, we address their need or desire to protect their assets from creditors through the use of different types of business entities and asset protection trusts. Protecting assets passed on to children from their creditors or from divorced spouses is a topic many clients want addressed.

For our business clients, our estate planning practice seeks to find the most appropriate method for allowing our clients to plan the succession in ownership of the business with family members and key employees.  This planning includes the use of gifting plans, buy-sell agreements and non-qualified deferred compensation plans.  The goal for such planning is to find the tools and structure to give the business the greatest potential for success when passed to the next generation.