The Need for Estate Planning

Corey M. Moore

By: Corey W. Moore, Esq. June 4, 2024 Estate planning is not just for the wealthy or elderly; it is a vital task that every adult individual should undertake. At its core, estate planning involves making arrangements for the management and distribution of one’s assets and belongings in the event of incapacity or death. While […]

Probate 101

Timothy P. Brynteson

By: Timothy P. Brynteson, Esq. April 4, 2024 Estate planning attorneys are frequently asked by clients to explain the difference between a “will” and a “trust”.  This question is normally asked in the context of planning for the disposition of assets upon a client’s death, so the assumption is that clients are looking for information […]

Taking Advantage of the Estate and Gift Tax Exemption

Corey M. Moore

By: Corey W. Moore, Esq. November 1, 2023 The United States Internal Revenue Code, Subtitle B–Estate and Gift Taxes, provides every taxpayer with the ability to exempt a certain amount of assets from their estate.  The Estate and Gift Tax Exemption (“Exemption”) for a single individual in 2023 is $12.92 million, meaning an individual could […]

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