Experience Counts

Otis & Bedingfield, LLC routinely handles appellate work for matters on which we served as trial counsel, including interlocutory appeals and appeals following trial or disposition. We are also sought out to handle appeals for matters on which we did not handle the underlying trial work because of our experience in the appellate courts and our knowledge of real estate law and business law. Many clients make the mistake of thinking a lawyer who does trial work is equipped to handle an appeal, but this is not usually the case. Appellate cases involve a different set of rules and practices that often stand in stark contrast to trial work. Knowledge and experience representing clients in the appellate courts is a key factor in obtaining a successful outcome on appeal. We have that knowledge and experience. Our experienced Colorado appellate attorneys are well equipped to help you evaluate whether to appeal a case, to explain the appellate process and help you prepare a winning strategy for your appeal, and to work with you to obtain a successful outcome in the appellate court.

Appeals of All Types

We also handle municipal and administrative appeals, including those involving land use decisions and other regulatory matters.