Involving Litigation Counsel Early on in a Dispute Can Help Keep You Out of Court

By: Jennifer Lynn Peters

Published in the BizWest Thought Leaders column in April 2016

Most leaders know that selecting the right trial attorney can make all the difference.  But did you also know that involving litigation counsel before a dispute escalates could keep you out of court?

Getting advice from litigation counsel when a dispute first arises can lead to effective strategies to find resolution.  For example, litigation counsel can explain the options and likely outcomes.  She can help you avoid making costly admissions in your communications, and help elicit useful facts from the other side.  She can help you identify what issues to address, and which to avoid.  Knowing the strength of your position and the potential long-term consequences for both sides up front can help get the resolution you want, before you find yourself in court.

So next time you see a potential dispute heading your way, don’t wait to get litigation counsel involved.  She may just keep you out of court.

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