The Day Before Christmas: a lawyer’s adaptation

On this 24th day of December, I found myself reading Clement Clarke Moore’s classic Christmas poem A Visit from St. Nicholas aka ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Inspired, and thinking about the day that lay ahead for me and the O&P team, I present an adaptation, and a poor one at that, of a real estate and business lawyer’s day before Christmas.

‘Twas the day before Christmas
And all across the second floor
There was a flurry of activity
As contracts and briefs were being prepared behind every door.

Clients were calling with questions galore
“Can you wrap up this deal,” they’d ask with such cheer,
Dreaming of escrows and 1031 exchanges,
“And you must close it by the end of this year!”

Pleadings were drafted, signed, and filed,
In hopes of finding an end to the dysfunction.
If only there was a quicker way to get this resolved?
Perhaps an injunction!

Off to the courthouse the litigators ran
With laptops and evidence, they were ready to duel.
And quickly they returned, a favorable decree obtained:
Complete dismissal based on the economic loss rule!

In the conference room negotiations continued unfettered.
An unrecorded easement? A boundary dispute? Title exceptions for sure.
How can we save this deal today? More money? A survey?
At last, a title agent who over the standard exceptions will insure.

So back to the conference room to sign all the papers.
Checks are exchanged and documents ready to be recorded.
A careful examination is made to insure the proper order,
Otherwise the client’s rights and proper relief may not be afforded.

Among the hustle and bustle, the copier was humming, the printer spinning,
When what to our weary eyes should appear?
But our managing partner, in jeans and no tie,
Carrying pie, cheese, and beer!

But no one had but a moment to spare
To enjoy a holiday treat (well maybe just one);
There were problems to solve and deals to be made.
A lawyer’s work is never done.

And so it was on that Christmas Eve day
That we were quite beside ourselves
When we heard our managing partner exclaim:
“Sit. Eat. Relax. Santa has sent us paralegal trained elves!”

With that, we sat down and enjoyed an impromptu holiday gathering,
While the elves researched, collated, and drafted wills.
And then from the kitchen came Santa himself, who joyfully exclaimed:
“Merry Christmas to all! And to whom shall I send the elves’ bills?”


From all of us at Otis & Peters, LLC:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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