Welcome to the New Age

On November 18, 2013 my partner, Fred L. Otis, and I opened the doors to our new law firm, Otis & Peters, LLC. Well, we opened the same door we’ve opened for the past 12 years, but the name on the door changed officially. You see, Otis & Peters, LLC is not so much a new venture for Fred and I as it is a return to what we love most: a focus on the practice, rather than the business, of law.

Fred and I share the same belief that sometimes, bigger is not always better. This is not to say that we don’t believe businesses should grow or that we don’t plan to grow our firm: we do. We just believe that to provide the highest quality of legal services in the personal manner Fred and I are known for, the optimum size of a law firm is smaller and more focused on the clients and the law than anything else.

We are excited about what the future holds at Otis & Peters, LLC. We have been blessed to have our core staff remain with us and to have loyal clients who are making this transition with us. We see the beginning of Otis & Peters, LLC as an opportunity to retool and rebuild, much like a new coach of a professional sports team. As an avid Colorado Avalanche fan, I, like thousands others, have enjoyed watching the resurgence of our young hockey team under the leadership of Patrick Roy. As the new head coach, Roy brought his philosophy and applied it to a team of core players supported by new talent. The mantra at the Pepsi Center this season is Welcome to the New Age, based on the hit song Radioactive by Luke Malink. Otis & Peters is enjoying our own similar New Age.

We are refocusing, applying our philosophy, and rebuilding with a crop of new talent. Exciting things are coming for Otis & Peters, LLC. Stay tuned.

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